Texting? Maybe…

This is a follow-up to my post titled Texting? Not so Much. In that post, I listed various reasons why texting is so evil. Well, after recent developments, I'm forced to re-evaluate my opinion. In preparation for our trip to Disney World this summer, I upgraded my old LG Chocolate Touch to an iPhone 4, gave the old phone (with a new phone number) to my 7-year-old, and added a data plan to our service. (I know, I said I'd never get a data plan, but keep reading!) I know, some of you are … [Read More...]

Back to School – for the 2nd Time

We avoided the hospital - YAY! Last year, Connor had a little bit of a drippy nose, then spent 2 hours outside on what had to have been the coldest, windiest day we had in October, and it landed him in the hospital with bronchitis and pneumonia - he had the pleasure of trick-or-treating the nurses stations instead of terrorizing a local neighborhood. Turns out his lungs really don't like the shift from "chilly" to "I'm going to make you freeze your butt off" weather. He still developed … [Read More...]

No pie – yet.

Okay, no pie in the face for me yet...Connor is sick, and although I picked him up for the last 20 minutes of the Pack Meeting last night, he just wasn't up for it, so we went home. Poor kid - he's got a slight ear infection and bronchitis, which of course, the cold air exacerbates. On the way from the truck to the meeting, he had a coughing fit (after running, which I naturally had told him NOT to do), and got a killer headache. I'm not going to lie though - he's loving staying home with … [Read More...]

Pie on my face – again?!?

So, Connor did a fantastic job of selling popcorn for Scouts again this year, and that can only mean two things... #1 - PRIZES! He won several prizes this year - a toy gun that shoots foam dart thingys, a flashlight/compass/keyring thing, a lego set, and finger lights. #2 - A Pie in the Face. Every year, each Scout that sells enough popcorn to fill his order sheet gets to throw a pie in the face of the Scout Leader of their choice. I'll bet you can already guess who's face Connor is going … [Read More...]


I've been feeling super stressed out lately. I am also well aware that stress makes me probably THE least fun mom in the world. All I want to do is get to where the stress ends, and thinking about it starts to take over my entire being. My thoughts tend to sound like this: "if I can make it to Monday, the Baptism will be over and I can relax. Oh, wait, Mondays we have play-group, early intervention, food shopping and dump run, then Cub Scouts. Okay, so if I can just make it to Tuesday, it'll be … [Read More...]

And its not even 9:30am yet!

I take a while to fully wake up in the morning...I always have. After we bought our house in 2002, I got in the habit of waking up around 5:30am so I could enjoy a cup of coffee while relaxing and listening to the birds, without having to rush around like a lunatic to get ready for work. 11 years and 2 kids later, and the above scenario still happens once in a while...usually when I'm still asleep and in dream-land. Now that I've got a 7-year-old to get off to school, a 2-year-old who … [Read More...]

Ocean vs. Pond

My mother and I have a constant debate going over which is better to visit with kids - the ocean or a pond. For my own swimming/enjoyment, I like both equally, but there are definite pros and cons to each when it comes to visiting either one as a mom with a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old in tow. The Ocean Pros Fun waves Soft sand Creatures to catch Snack Bars/bathrooms OMG - the ocean is HUGE! OMG - look at the MILES of beach! The ocean is amazing - it's huge, beautiful, has … [Read More...]