Texting? Not so Much

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TextingI use text once in a while – with friends who live on the other side of the country – but I’m really not a big fan of it. Here’s a list of reasons why you won’t find me texting unless it’s absolutely necessary…

  1. If you are among other humans, it’s extremely rude to have your face buried in your phone texting someone who isn’t present. At the very least, you should let the texter know that you are occupied, and that you’ll get back to them later.
  2. If the reason for texting is important enough that it needs your immediate attention, a phone call is most likely better.
  3. Texting while driving or doing other activities can literally kill you or someone else.
  4. I have a cell phone for a reason – if it rings once, I can choose to answer or ignore it and the caller can leave me a voice-mail. Texts are nearly impossible to ignore discreetly.
  5. I’m an excellent typist – with a full keyboard. I refuse to re-learn how to type using hunt-and-peck.
  6. Until I’m making a huge salary (kisses from my sons aren’t able to be deposited at any bank), I have no real reason to pay extra for having texting or a data plan on my cell phone.
  7. Texting removes the ability to read the subtleties in a person’s voice that helps lend meaning to what they are saying – some things just get lost in translation.
  8. If a record of a discussion is important for business or legal reasons, e-mail is a better option than texting.
  9. If I’m sitting on a train or waiting for a doctor’s appointment, I’d much rather be reading a good book.
  10. In this age of technology and instant fixes, it’s more important than ever that we look each other in the eye when we communicate. Young children, especially, lose the ability to recognize and learn common social cues – like looking someone in the eye when you are speaking with them – when they are focused on a screen.

When my sons are older and going places on their own, I’m sure I’ll change my mind when it comes to texting – I know how embarrassing it used to be for me to have to take a break from fun with friends to call my mother, so a text will probably not be so bad for my sons – for now though, texting can wait.


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  1. You said all that and yet I found you via Twitter. If you can Twitter you can text. Wait till you have teens. lol As soon as middle school hit my daughter was all over texting. Now she has her own phone and there are rules for parents and teens communicating via text that I apparently was supposed to know.

    I have a full keyboard too so I can type whatever I want. She has one so she can use her phone and apps as a computer.

    After spending years talking on the phone I barely talk to anyone anymore. I am not a texting queen but I have accepted the mode of conversation it can provide. It feels weird to just call someone. What if they are busy? lol

    • Oddly enough, I don’t count Twitter as texting, LOL! I’m sure I’ll feel differently about it when the boys are older, but they’re with me 24/7, so I really don’t have a use for it yet. Thanks for commenting!

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