Making Dreams Fit Reality

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We all have dreams. Some of us dream of having a beautiful home or a fancy car…but what happens to us if we constantly dream about things that aren’t realistic?

An educated guess would be that we get depressed, angry, and in worst cases, violent (case in point – all the violence and general unrest we’ve been seeing in the news).

So, how do we deal with unattainable dreams and wishes we have? Adjust them to fit our individual reality.

I bring this up because I’m having to do some adjusting of my own as of late – in terms of my dreams for our home and the way I envision it. I’ve been getting very frustrated because it seems like every time I turn around, something is broken or dented or scratched…no matter what I do. Naturally, I can’t ban my husband and sons from the house they live in, so I’m the one who has to change.

I tend to have very feminine taste in home furnishings – french-country style, antiques, soft colors…well, these things are nice, but they just don’t jive when it comes to having a somewhat clumsy husband (sorry honey!) and 2 fiercely active young boys in the house!

Imagine this beautiful bedroom with 2 boys running around in it…not too pretty.frenchcountry2

Fortunately, I have widely varied tastes – so I’m tweaking my vision for our home to suit my family’s needs and lifestyle better, and going with more of a modern-rustic feel. Not only will it save my sanity as I won’t have to worry about nick-knacks or furniture being broken, but it’ll save our wallet a huge dent as well. Rustic furniture is easier to find used, and I even have a book that teaches you how to build pretty furniture from simple 2x4s. The beauty in all this? Dents make rustic furniture all the more charming – and a sofa cover is SO easy and inexpensive to replace! HA!rustic2

If you’re feeling like you aren’t making headway on any of your dreams, give them some thought and see if tweaking them – even just a little – to suit your individual situation better might help. We could all use a little extra happiness in our lives, and making dreams come true (no matter how small and insignificant they may seem) is the best way to achieve that happiness!

I’m off to go unsubscribe to all kinds of newsletters from fancy boutique shops and make a list of things to sell. 🙂


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