Poor Fishy

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A couple of years ago, I was super excited the day I went out and bought Connor three beautiful goldfish, a tank, plants for the tank, and pretty blue rocks that would match the walls of his room.

Two weeks later, two of the fish died – I wasn’t that surprised, after all, they were from WallyWorld.

Two years and much guilt later, I am finally moving the lone fish downstairs. Do yourself a favor, if you get your child a fish to keep them company in their room at night, don’t buy one of these…


It’s a very attractive, 3-gallon, cylindrical fish tank with an LED light you can change the color of. Beautiful tank, if you don’t mind the pain of cleaning it. The shape, and the tube in the middle for the light and filter are just a royal pain in the butt to deal with. Too much for me personally – you know, with a toddler underfoot and all.

I even bought the nifty fish tank vacuum that attaches to the sink to make cleaning it easier. Problem was that the hose didn’t fit properly on our ancient faucet and it wasn’t quite long enough.

So fishy gets to move today. To this…


Many people don’t realize that goldfish don’t really need a filter in their tank. As long as the water is clean and warm enough (as long as you are comfortable, they will be too), they do fine. I’m also swapping the gravel that goes everywhere when I clean the tank for glass beads – much prettier and easier to deal with! This is a much smaller environment – it’s only a gallon – but fishy should be much happier as it’s sure to get cleaned more often, and he won’t be all by himself in Connor’s room anymore.

He’s moving into the Den where the rest of us spend most of our time. I’m thinking of getting him a friend as a surprise for Connor too! 🙂

The fish we have right now looks like this…


Here’s what I’d like to find him for a friend…


We’ll see if Connor notices when he gets home!


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