Fishy Update

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Well, I didn’t make it to the store yesterday in time to surprise Connor with a new fish, so he came with me and Kyle. AND, he chose not only TWO new fish, but a snail to go along with them. Thankfully, they all seem to be getting along great, except that Blackie (the black one) is pretty dumb and keeps bumping into Snailie and scaring him back into his shell. Fishy (whose real name WAS Nemo) is now Goldie, even though he’s a spotted Fancy Goldfish, and the orange one is now Nemo. Connor is so funny in how he names things…this same fish started out as Mémère, after his grandmother, then graduated to Nemo once Connor got old enough to want to name his fish something other than Mémère.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a black and orange fish I’d hoped for, so we got one orange one and one black one with big, googly eyes.

Poor fishy is no longer quite so lonely and is now happily enjoying the company of his new bowl-mates.

fishbowlfinalThe beauty in all this? Even full, the bowl is light enough for me to carry to the kitchen sink to clean it! Plus, even though it looks like there’s a ton of stuff in there, there’s only one small (the size of my fist) plastic plant, and the glass beads. Really – it’s very pretty, but will be so much easier to care for. So far, the snail hasn’t come out of his shell…I’m wondering if maybe moving the bowl to a slightly warmer spot may coax him out. It’s not cold where they are by any stretch of the imagination (there’s a heat vent right below the bay window), but it’s not the toastiest spot in the room either. I’ll give him another day and then move the bowl.

YAY! Happy fish!


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