Away from Home & Silver Roads

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Kyle had a VERY busy day yesterday – not only did he visit with the mom of one of Connor’s friends so I could go to the doctor, but he also did this…


That table on the right? He made an aluminum foil road that went all the way around it! So much for Dorothy and yellow bricks – it Kyle and time for silver paving!

He did really well at Amanda’s considering that it’s the first time he’s ever been dropped off anywhere to be babysat. Amanda said he whined until the door closed behind me, then dove into the fun!

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Apparently, apples are WAY better at Amanda’s house.

So, you’re probably wondering how I managed to make being babysat away from home for the first time so easy. Am I right?

Well, I’ll tell you…and it was really easy.

  • He knows Amanda.
  • We have visited their house several times because Amanda’s 6-year-old son is Connor’s bestie, so Kyle knows all Amanda’s kids (she has 4 ranging from almost 2 to 13 – Bless her!), and he’s familiar with the house.
  • He knows Amanda.
  • There are toys all over the place at Amanda’s house that we don’t have.
  • He knows Amanda.
  • There are toys we don’t have.

I’m hoping you’re seeing where I’m going with this.

He has been super-comfortable at their house when I was present, so it’s reasonable to assume that he’ll be comfortable when I’m not there. This has by far been the best babysitting scenario we’ve had with either of our sons.

Well, aside from my mom watching them at our house – that’s their favorite. 🙂


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