Creating the “Best Summer in History”

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SummerAfter we decided to go to Disney World this summer (thanks to our Tax return), I was thinking, “What the hell! Let’s make it the Best Summer in History!”

I know – I’m absolutely out-of-my-mind nuts, right?!? 😉

At first, I thought this would be a HUGE undertaking, especially with a 2-year-old in tow! However, I’m finding that with a little planning and some thorough Google searches after the kids are in bed, this isn’t totally impossible.

Here’s what we’ve done so far…

  • The Petting Zoo near Plymouth Court House
  • Went to Edaville Railroad for A Day Out with Thomas
  • Gotten a Library card for Connor and borrowed books
  • Visited the Heritage Garden and Museum in Sandwich
  • Gone to a Drive-In and seen Monsters University
  • Gone to a movie theater and saw Despicable Me 2
  • Went to the 4th of July Parade and Fireworks
  • Went to the Beach and Splash-Pad
  • Gone to the Pond for swimming lessons every weekday
  • Gone out to lunch
  • Went to “Police” day at the Library and got to see some pretty awesome stuff
  • Did the Arthritis Walk (3 miles) with Connor’s bestie
  • Had a couple of “crafty” days at our house with friends (modeling clay, play-doh, and painting)

And we just passed the two-week mark since school got out!

The really beautiful part of all these activities is that most of them were FREE. The only things that we had to pay money for were the swimming lessons ($50), I won tickets to Edaville from 365 Things to do South Shore, which would have cost us $80, the Drive-In ($25), the movies ($17 after a $20 Gift Certificate), and the Museum (our friend has a season pass, so we got in free). We would have been in swimming lessons anyway, and we spend a couple of hours at the pond every day for the almost 3 weeks that lessons go for.

Yesterday, I got the first sign that my goal for the Best Summer in History is successful – a note from Connor!

Note from Connor

Translation: I love you mamma. Together we are friends. We have done so many things together.

This is from a kid who usually is very lovey, but seldom wants to put it on paper unless its a holiday or special occasion. 🙂

Connor - 4th of JulyThe really beautiful part of all this is that the more places we bring Kyle, the better he seems to behave while we’re out and the less tantrums we see when he doesn’t necessarily get to do what he wants – like taking off running. Kyle is speech-delayed, which inevitably causes behavioral delays as well, so for us, being able to bring him to more and more public places and also being able to enjoy ourselves without stressing about melt-downs is HUGE. For example, leaving the pond. The first few days we went, we saw a huge melt-down when it was time to come home. Yesterday, I didn’t even have to hold his hand on the walk back to the truck – he went exactly where he was supposed to, and didn’t even whine because we were leaving. 🙂

How am I finding all these things to do, you ask?


  • Check your local library for Story Time and look for hand-outs announcing special “Touch a Truck” days, etc.
  • Check with your town’s recreation department
  • Check with your Facebook friends and if possible, join a Facebook parents’ group – I’ve gotten countless ideas from the one I joined!
  • Boston has Free Fridays – every Friday during the summer, different attractions/museums are offering free admission
  • Search Google, but include your own town for a location or a town near you
  • Check Pinterest for fun kid-friendly activities
  • Google “things to do in (insert your locality here)

I will admit that going to the pond every day has been a HUGE part of our Best Summer in History, but being able to go there and spend a relaxing couple of hours out of the house with friends, at a really fun place, is a big deal for any kid. Tomorrow, we may skip swimming lessons and head to the Cape Cod Children’s Museum!

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer!


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  1. Cheryl glad you are having the best summer and that you enjoyed your day out with Thomas!

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