And its not even 9:30am yet!

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Hectic HouseI take a while to fully wake up in the morning…I always have. After we bought our house in 2002, I got in the habit of waking up around 5:30am so I could enjoy a cup of coffee while relaxing and listening to the birds, without having to rush around like a lunatic to get ready for work.

11 years and 2 kids later, and the above scenario still happens once in a while…usually when I’m still asleep and in dream-land.

Now that I’ve got a 7-year-old to get off to school, a 2-year-old who REFUSES to sleep through the night, and full-time classes so I can finally earn a degree, my mornings are pretty much a giant suck-fest consist of trying to make sure breakfast gets eaten, lunch gets made, and we don’t miss the bus because our toddler undressed himself for the umpteen-millionth time. I’ve gotten pretty good at getting us all dressed and out the door, and we’ve only had to drive to school once. That one time was only because it was Kyle’s first day in Early Intervention group, so getting ready took a little longer.

This morning should have been a typical morning, but Insomnia has decided to visit with me the past week, so I was somewhat groggier than usual. Here’s how my morning has gone so far…

  • Woke up, only to find hubby had overslept, wake him up and usher him out the door.
  • Feed our 7-year-old. Holy crap, our 2-year-old is sleeping late! JOY!
  • 7-year-old is playing on my iPad. I gather him clothes and tell him he has to stop playing, get dressed, and brush his teeth.
  • 2-year-old wakes up, get him breakfast. Can’t believe how late it is already.
  • Get 2-year-old dressed, 7-year-old in sweatshirt and shoes, and make lunch for 7-year-old. Got in truck to meet bus.
  • Bus was late, thought we missed it and almost drove to school in my bathrobe.
  • Got back in the house, go to check e-mail and suddenly, my iPad is nowhere to be seen! Try not to have a heart attack and call the school to see if Connor snuck it out of the house (he took my cell phone to school once).
  • School calls back. No iPad. Connor says its in the den, which it CLEARLY is not. School assures me that I can speak to Connor if I wish, but I decline – he’s a pretty honest kid most of the time.
  • Start thinking about 3 kidnapping attempts in Plymouth over the past 2 days and wonder if there are people stalking my house. The kidnappers/thieves/murderers must have snuck in while we were at the end of the driveway and stolen my iPad!Intruder
  • Search the house frantically, trying to remember if any personal information (other than e-mail addresses) are easily accessible on iPad. Thankful that I password-protected the iPad so the kids can’t use it without permission, then remember that the password-protect feature has the ability to wipe the iPad completely clean. The kidnappers/thieves/murderers MUST know this, so stealing my iPad will likely earn them some fast cash.
  • Have searched the house thoroughly, no iPad in sight. Start performing a more thorough search, looking under couches, in closets, etc. I even checked the fridge. Contemplate locking me and Kyle in the crawlspace so the kidnappers/thieves/murderers can’t get us.
  • Remember that I installed the “Find My iPad” app on both my iPad and iPhone! Go to computer, get online, go to iCloud and activate app. Wait, what?!? iPad is still on our property?!?
  • OH! HOW AWESOME! The people at Apple are GENIUSES! They made the app so you can tell your device to make noise!
  • Active the noise thingy – even though I have no idea what noise I’m listening for – and start walking around the house looking like a dog that hears a dog whistle.
  • Found the iPad! Feel like a total idiot, but still contemplate taking up archery. (I won’t have a gun in the house, but a bow and some arrows could do some serious damage to bad guys, right?)

It was on the top bunk in the boys’ room. After rewinding the morning in my head, I realize that Kyle was not in my sight while I was making Connor’s lunch, so he took the iPad upstairs and onto Connor’s bed.

I REALLY hope he outgrows the “I MUST MOVE EVERYTHING” phase quickly.

Oh, and I am now WIDE AWAKE.

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