Back to School – for the 2nd Time

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No HospitalWe avoided the hospital – YAY!

Last year, Connor had a little bit of a drippy nose, then spent 2 hours outside on what had to have been the coldest, windiest day we had in October, and it landed him in the hospital with bronchitis and pneumonia – he had the pleasure of trick-or-treating the nurses stations instead of terrorizing a local neighborhood. Turns out his lungs really don’t like the shift from “chilly” to “I’m going to make you freeze your butt off” weather. He still developed bronchitis this year, but – thanks to my awareness of the symptoms now – no pneumonia, and his oxygen levels were good. We still had to keep him home from school for 4 days just to make sure his cough and breathing didn’t get worse. (Curse you dry school air!) He’s done with his antibiotic, and we’ll see this afternoon at his follow-up appointment how long he needs to stay on the inhalers.

The first two days with Connor home from school were great – the boys played together, and I was able to get some schoolwork done during the day (I think this happens maybe once every six months). The last two days? Well, they were still “trying” to play together, but it was starting to show that they were sick of having to share EVERYTHING. ALL DAY LONG. I’m pretty sure Connor is glad that he gets to play with older kids today at recess, but he was pretty ticked when I told him he’d most likely have extra homework from missing four days of school.

Kyle, on the other hand, is SO GLAD to have me to himself again! He spent the majority of this morning in my lap, laying down and playing with my hair and occasionally sitting up to watch his one of favorite scenes from a kid movie we’ve seen probably 20-million times. It does show though, every now and then, that he does miss having his big brother home.


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