Texting? Maybe…

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TextingThis is a follow-up to my post titled Texting? Not so Much. In that post, I listed various reasons why texting is so evil. Well, after recent developments, I’m forced to re-evaluate my opinion.

In preparation for our trip to Disney World this summer, I upgraded my old LG Chocolate Touch to an iPhone 4, gave the old phone (with a new phone number) to my 7-year-old, and added a data plan to our service. (I know, I said I’d never get a data plan, but keep reading!)

I know, some of you are thinking I’ve totally lost it (A 7-year-old with his own phone?!? Quick, call the parenting police!) – but there was a valid reason. The phone in my 7-year-old’s possession along with the data plan serve as an instant locator for our son (without involving authorities and the accompanied wait times), which Lee and I thought was a good idea while we were away as it is VERY EASY for a child to get separated from family while at Disney World – especially when said child’s listening skills are akin to those of a rock. We also taught him how to call us in an emergency, and tested his skills before we left for the trip.

Hubby and I also found texting much more convenient than calling each other during the trip as the crowds were sometimes quite large (and noisy), and loud music often made it difficult to hear anything below a scream. (Amazingly, hubby was able to figure out texting without any significant help from me – he’s not the most tech-savvy guy.) It was also extremely helpful when we felt separating into 2 groups of 2 people to be more efficient (and less whine-inducing) than staying together. Case in point – the water parks. We didn’t think it was fair to restrict Connor to the kiddie area when there was so much more he could do, so Lee took Connor to the “big guy” water park attractions, and I got to sit and relax with a much-needed cold drink while Kyle played in ankle-deep water and sprinklers.

Upon our return from Disney, I noticed something…

I didn’t hate texting quite as much as I thought. I found myself texting hubby funny stuff I’d run across during the day in an effort to make his day less stressful. (It worked, most of the time.)

Then, Kyle’s Early Intervention Service Coordinator and I started texting each other simply because it was easy and didn’t require the interruption of anything – we could answer each other at our earliest convenience without having to check voice-mail.

It made coordinating Cub Scout popcorn sales super-easy as we could all get in touch very quickly – there was no delay of waiting for e-mail to be checked or land-line phone calls that were missed.

Okay, okay…I’ll admit it. Texting isn’t so horrible. I actually kind of like it for the convenience factor. And the fact that you can totally mess with people…

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No One is Trying to Hurt You

Yes, I really did send those texts to hubby, lol.

However, I’m still really picky about who I give my cell phone number to, so don’t expect to see me in a playground texting away…it’s still more of a “when its necessary” (or at least funny) kind of thing.

Now, I have to come up with a decent e-mail address to use strictly for mobile purposes – checking my regular e-mail addresses on my phone is just ridiculous!


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  1. I hate receive annoying SMS from unknown…

    • Me too – which is why I’m INSANELY picky about who gets my cell phone number. Only family, close friends, and people involved with my kids for school, etc. Anyone else who calls or texts my cell phone is likely to get reported!

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