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Whether you need some simple web graphics, a complete website, or design for printed materials, Plymouth Bay Design can help.

Founded in 1999, we take great pride in our dedication to quality and customer service. Whatever your needs are, Plymouth Bay Design can take your company or personal visual presentation to the next level.

The founder of Plymouth Bay Design, Cheryl Ann Marble, developed an interest in visual design at a very young age. She had somewhat humble beginnings as a full-time woodcarver in a small town in Massachusetts. Her daily involvement in the design and production of hand-carved signs created in her an intense interest in all aspects of advertising. She went on to study typeography, advertising, graphic design and marketing.

In 1993 she delved into the realm of computer graphic design for print, and in following years expanded into large format design, computer generated signage and web design & development. She has been working in the various design fields ever since.




Founder’s Personal Bio


Cheryl Ann Marble, Massachusetts, USA

Hobbies: Horseback Riding, Movies, Reading, Needlework, Painting, Drawing & Woodcarving.

Hello! If you’d like to know more about me as a person, keep reading. I’ll try not to ramble on too much ;-).

I love to work in my garden, play in our pool with my son, go to the beach, take walks in the woods, and yes – even go fishing. The ideal morning for me is to get up around 6am, get a cup of hot coffee and sit on my deck listening to the birds singing, watching the hummingbirds dart around in my garden, and sharing the morning quietly with all the animals that live on our property (I live in a woodsy area surrounded by farm country).

I am married and have a son. This picture was taken at Farm Days in Duxbury, Massachusetts. The darling little girl is my niece.

My interest in art and design began at a very early age – my mother started teaching me how to draw before I could even talk, and I honestly believe I would never have passed a history class in my life if it weren’t for the fact that my teachers allowed me to draw maps and illustrate historical events for extra credit.

When I was in middle school, wood shop was a mandatory class, and because I loved it so much, my mother signed me up for woodcarving classes after school at the age of 13. After he had seen some potential in me (and because he was a friend of my mother’s), the shop owner offered me a job after a couple of weeks. I worked for him for over 13 years, during which time I went to Butera School of Art to learn letter and font structure and design, hand painted truck lettering, and other high-end sign techniques.

From there, I began to become interested in computer graphic design, so back to school I went. I graduated at the top of my class and was the first in my class to get a job. My passions while at school was digital illustration and photo retouching. I then proceeded to work in the printing industry for eight years, during which time I began to learn web design. After eight years focusing on design for print, I decided to go back to my roots in the sign and exterior advertising business. This time, however, I focused on the digital side rather than the hand crafted side. I expanded my expertise to vehicle graphics, billboards, and large format printing.

When my son was born in 2006, I took a year off of work and delved deeper into the world of the web design and development.

In late 2009, I co-founded The A-List Ladies – a group of women marketing together online. The purpose of this group is to teach women how to work from the home, outside of Corporate America, and allow them to live the lifestyles they deserve and devote more time to their children and families.

My son is now four years old, and thanks to Plymouth Bay Design and The A-List Ladies, I am able to work at home, and spare him from having to be placed in daycare during the hours he’s not at preschool, and he’s a much happier, healthier child.


Cheryl Ann Marble

Contact me at cheryl@plymouthbaydesign.com.


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Feb 13, 2010
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