And its not even 9:30am yet!

I take a while to fully wake up in the morning…I always have. After we bought our house in 2002, I got in the habit of waking up around 5:30am so I could enjoy a cup of coffee while relaxing and listening to the birds, without having to rush around like a lunatic to get […]

Ocean vs. Pond

The great debate this year is whether the ocean beaches or ponds are better for families to visit. I did some serious thinking about the pros and cons of each, and here are the results!

Creating the “Best Summer in History”

Things you can do to make a very memorable, fun summer – activities, outings, how to find things to do.

Thomas, Drive-Ins and Monsters University

Here are some of the reasons I love drive-in movies so much and tips on how to make sure everyone in your family has fun!

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Ears, Me, More & Homework

A peek at some of the steps we’re taking to help our speech-delayed toddler communicate.