Ocean vs. Pond

The great debate this year is whether the ocean beaches or ponds are better for families to visit. I did some serious thinking about the pros and cons of each, and here are the results!

Creating the “Best Summer in History”

Things you can do to make a very memorable, fun summer – activities, outings, how to find things to do.

Thomas, Drive-Ins and Monsters University

Here are some of the reasons I love drive-in movies so much and tips on how to make sure everyone in your family has fun!

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Ears, Me, More & Homework

A peek at some of the steps we’re taking to help our speech-delayed toddler communicate.

Hard Lessons

That kid right up there? He has major issues with not winning or being 1st in things. As in coming in not placing 1st in the Pinewood Derby race that was held today for Cub Scouts…