Are you one of THOSE parents?

Here’s why rescuing your child from failure is such a bad thing.

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter – $0.72 Shipped!

I saw this over at Don’t Make Me Nuts and had to post it here – just for YOU! Yes, this is real – an approximately 2″ x 2 1/4″ Mickey Mouse cookie cutter for $0.72 and free shipping! SODIAL- Mickey Mouse Face Shape Cookie Cutter Note: As with allĀ AmazonĀ prices, the price on this offer […]

Top 10 Behaviors that Piss Me Off

Are there any behaviors that piss you off so much you want to slap someone silly as soon as you see them exhibit that behavior? Here’s my top 10 list!

In case you missed something…

In case you were in another country or abducted by aliens for the last week, here’s what went down.

This Week on Pinterest

Since the Groundhog said spring is coming early this year (although I suspect he was either lying or fall-down drunk when he made this prediction)…